Monday, 23 January 2017

PS Complete Face Palette Nude Collection

I have been raging about Primark products there are some amazing products,but you need to work through the available products as there are some not so good products.

So, this palette has a bit of everything, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and highlighter. The products are chalky and there was some fall out when applied.  In addition, the products just didn't last all day even with primer.

I was not keen on the blusher as I found it far too sparkly for my liking. Initially, I thought it was going to be a great subtle pink shade but with the additional glitter within the blush it put me off. 

As you can see when I attempted to swatch the products, they did not give the best pay off. However, when you apply the products it is much better. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this product but would recommend for you to have a look at the Primark beauty range as there are many many great products and I am sure you will find one that is suitable to you. 

Phil Smith Hair

Phil Smith Hello Moisture Range 
My New Years resolution this year (PS I don't usually make them), is to take better care of my hair. These products are a great start to aiding to keep my resolution.

Nourishing Repair Shampoo 
I have never heard of Phil Smith before receiving these products to try and you know what, I am so impressed by them and guess what, you can pick them up when you go food shopping in Sainsburys. I feel supermarkets are upping their game and have realised that people just want to be able to pick up a vast range of products whilst picking up their groceries. 

Nourishing Repair Conditioner 
Since, my body is now recovering from being pregnant for pretty much two years my hair has been having its ups and downs. One minute it looks amazing and full bodied and the next looks just dull and frankly just rubbish. So, I always look for products rich in moisture to try and assist and gain some consistency in my hair condition. 

Intensive Conditioning Treatment 
I have fallen in love with these products to the extent I have since purchase more products and encouraged some friends to do the same. My hair now feels rich in moisture and I no longer experience dry / dull hair and when I use the intensive conditioner my hair is much more manageable when I style my hair. My hair now feels soft, silky and smells amazing!

My recommendation to you would be to have a look at the range as you will find a product that is suitable to your hair type / condition and the bonus is that this can be done when you do the weekly shop and of course it is a reasonable price. Check out these products here.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Rimmel The Only One Lipstick Naughty Nude

At the moment I have very little time to do anything with having two children under the age of two. I have had to adapt my make up routine significantly to ensure its quick, with limited products and the potential for me to put my face on whilst holding a little human.

With it being winter, I do like to wear a darker lip. With this product my favourite way of using it, is to apply a small amount and the pat my lips it looks so beautiful.

The lipstick has a long lasting quality with  great hydration. You can build the colour if you want  a more dramatic look. This is the one lipstick my friends have been giving me compliments on.  So, if your not brave enough to wear a very dark lip colour this product will be perfect. At £6.99  it is a bargain

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Products Currently Under Review - Phil Smith Hello Moisture

Now my body is recovering from pregnancy both my skin and hair have really taken a beaten. Some days my skin and hair looks amazing and other days not so much. This time of year my hair is in desperate need of moisture, so to receive these products really made my day. So, I am currently trying these products out and I will update you shortly on my views - stay tuned............
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