Monday, 5 December 2016

PS Pro Lip Primer Prep & Perfect Vitamin E

PS Pro Lip Primer 
Recently, Primark are really stepping up their game with expanding their makeup range and I have noticed on YouTube and in the blogging world has gone completely bonkers with different products. Some of the products are amazing and some are not so good. 

Prep & Perfect 
I am not the biggest fan of lip primers as I think they are pointless and just use a lot of lip balm rather than a primer. I have yet to find one that changes this. 

Unfortunately, I did not like this product it did not apply smoothly the formula was hard and did not apply well - to the extent I did not feel as if I had any product actually on my lip. I wish for Primark to re-look at the formula of this product as I like the concept of the product but at present the formula is off. 

I love the fact Primark have worked hard on the packaging of the lip primer as it is a click and pull (like many of the high end products) it feels a lot more luxurious and then you realise it is Primark- I do think Primark need to give themselves a pat on the back as it is excellent. 

Don't let my blog post put you off, my recommendation is for you to have a look at the beauty stand as the product selection is amazing. 

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