Friday, 2 December 2016

Collection #Conceal And Light Like A Pro Palette

# Conceal And Light Like A Pro 
I am a massive fan of Collection, its a brand that has considerably improved over the years going from a teenage market (my views) to being taking seriously and establishing themselves as a market leader on the high street. If you like following trends for makeup Collection are great for keeping up with this at a fraction of the cost and keep up with the demands of their customers. In addition, they seem to have a real insight to actually what their customers wants and needs are and step up to that mark without trying to cut the quality in the product. 

Eight shades available 

When I saw they had this palette out (I have had it for some time without using it), I simply knew I had to purchase it. I am not the biggest fan of these palettes usually as I find the colouring can be off and I have never found one that I felt was quite good enough. 

With this palette you can conceal, colour correct and brighten your complexion. It strives to cover any blemishes and imperfections (concealer), brighten dark circles (yellow), revive dull skin (purple), neutralise redness (green) and sculpt / highlight.

(Top to bottom - highlighter, reviving of dull skin (purple), brightener ( yellow) neutraliser (green) and concealer

Unfortunately, for me this product just did not work for me. The consistency of the product is oily and slippery which made working with it very difficult to the extent at times with the yellow corrector I was wiping the product off and did not see any pay off. The concealer did not conceal and the highlighter just didn't highlight. I was disappointed as it just did not seem to work with my skin - however, at £5.99 I would encourage you to try this product as it may work for you. You need to bear in mind that products I may try perhaps do not work for me and I have my own opinion but may in turn be a hidden gem for you! 

I am not discouraged from purchasing any more Collection products as this is one dud in a lot of good products currently on the market. Check out this palette here.

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