Thursday, 24 November 2016

Current Eyeshadow Favourite

Current eyeshadow favourite combo 
At this moment in time,  I do not have much time on my hands so whatever I do makeup wise needs to be quick and easy. This combination is my current favourite. 

Makeup Revolution - Touch Me 
This colour is an ideal base and provides an even colour for the lid and for £1.00 you cannot really argue. The shadow is creamy and long lasting and one shadow that is a must for your kit. This shadow is available here.

Makeup Obsession - E139 Hypnotic 
You may think this eyeshadow looks a bit scary but I use it in several different ways. Sometimes I use it was a liner or I do a subtle smokey day eye or when I go out (which is not very often), you can layer and do a full on evening smokey eye. Again, this shadow is long lasting and there was little to no fall out which is a bonus. This shadow costs £2.00, yes you read that right and the collection is now a permanent fixture in my makeup kit both professionally and at home. This product is available here.

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