Saturday, 28 May 2016

SensatioNail Polish to Gel Transformer (with Essie Ballet Slippers)

I love the gel SensatioNail and have used it for some time. I used to spend some time on a Sunday afternoon whilst the hubby was watching the rugby doing my nails. However, since having a baby doing my nails has been the last thing on my mind and quite frankly I do not have the time to do it. 

So, when I was sent this I was very very excited and hoped that  could paint my nails in a short space of time and it would be long lasting. My hands take a lot of beating during the day and are always dry and sore so my hands are not in the best condition. 

There are several ways you can apply the product, you can either mix it with the nail transformer in the little pot provided or you can pain the polish directly on to your nails and then add the transformer on top and then use the UV light to finish off. 

I mixed the nail polish of choice, Essie Ballet Slippers, my fav in the little pot and then add the transformer. It did take half of the time then the usual gel application which was great and the application looked brilliant - I was concerned that it may have caused streaking but it didn't. 

SenatioNail have really listened to their customers and responded to their needs as many of us have many nail polishes that we perhaps don't use because they chip after a few hours or just simply don't stand the test of time. This genius product is there to enable you to be able to use those polishes and the colour stays smudge proof for up to 10 days. 

So, I have had this polish on for 7 days and so far no chipping or splitting which is amazing for the amount of times I wash my hands and the wear and tear they experience on a daily basis.

My only criticism is, and I am not sure whether I had a faulty UV light is that the light burnt my fingers even when I put my hand flat on the plate it still was far too hot for my fingers so was painful which was disappointing. However, I will continue to use this product but I will be using my gel UV light as I don't want to burn my fingers.

This is one product, I would highly recommend for busy mums and one to ask for your birthday or for Christmas. This product is available here and at £49.99 is a bargain.

Friday, 20 May 2016

My life as a military wife.........................

I get asked almost on a daily basis, what it is really like to be married to someone who is in the military. I also get a lot of comments saying that they could never be married to someone in the military or cope with their partner being away from home.

Well, being married to someone in the military means there are three people in our marriage, my husband, me and the military and sometimes the military does get in the way. I am grateful on one hand for the military as it has allowed me to be a stay at home mother, but it can be an incredibly lonely existence. Not all military wives are nice and friendly and it can be very difficult to make new friends when you move camps, although people say they are friendly and warm - in practical terms this is not my experience. I have gone to mum and baby groups and have been completely ignored including people turning their backs on me and being very rude.

I also find it really difficult living on camp, I have lived out in civilian world for most of my marriage and when you move onto camp, everyone is around the same age, everyone has children it is nothing like the real world - I miss seeing older people and people that have nothing to do with the military world.

I do live in fear of my husband being sent away, its not that I fear something would happen to him, as lets face it civilians are now at significant risk of terrorist attacks, it is more the crippling loneliness that I find the most stressful.

Being married to the military is not so bad, the worst thing is living on camp and not really dealing with the "outside world". xx

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Urban Decay Naked Flushed - Native

It is that time of year where you are planning your holidays or have lots of weddings or events coming up. Everyone seems to go in panic mode with getting outfits ready and ensuring you are looking preened and ready. 

Also, if you do not usually wear too much make-up other than the special occasions I have been looking at products that can be versatile. This product from Urban Decay is perfect for this need, especially if you are going on holiday and you don't want to wear too much make-up but want to have something for the evenings. 

I also use this as a very basic eyeshadow and it looks beautiful and simplicity of the colour combination I love. 

If you are a bit scared of bronzer and do not use it at all, don't panic as this is an ideal starter bronzer and on some days I just use it to give my face some definition by simply sweeping a three shape starting on my forehead and ending on my jaw line. The highlighter is not sparkly but adds a hint of shine without the oily / greasy look. 

This palette to me is ideal for you who do not use a lot of make-up as you can add a subtle look or if you are feeling brave build the products up. 

Urban Decay are a brand that you can rely on to make beautiful make-up products and this product is suitable for any skin tones. You can get this product in four different shades so there will be one suitable for you. In addition, the palette comes with a large mirror so that is one less thing you need to remember to pack or if you want to do touch ups whilst out and about it makes your life a little bit easier. Check this product out here.

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