Thursday, 29 January 2015

Daily Beauty Product (Thursday 29 January 2015)

 L'Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit (Light to Medium) - I bought this product this week in Boots, I think it is new to the L'Oreal stand. I love the combination of powder and gel with the mini tools which means it is travel friendly. In addition, L'Oreal have kindly put a mini guide in for those of us who need a little instruction. This is a great product by L'Oreal and I simply love it. Available at or

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Daily beauty products (January 2015 Favs)

Bourjois Rouge Edition (04 Rose Tweed)
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat (Pillow Talk)
La Roche-Posay Serozinc
Max Factor Creme Puff Blush ( 05 Lovely Pink)
Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator (100 Bare Light)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Daily Beauty Product (Tuesday 27 January 2015)

Dr Lipp Balm for Lips - This is a firm favourite of mine over the winter period, especially in the evening. The product is very thick in consistency and rehydrates your lips over night. When my lips are especially chapped then I do use it during the day. It can also be used for any dry patches, dry cuticles or eczema it is so versatile. I have had this product for some time and yes it is a bit pricey for a balm, but because you use such a small amount it is worth every penny. It costs £11.50 and is available at

Monday, 26 January 2015

Daily Beauty Product (Monday 26 January 2015)

Dermatogical Daily Microfoliant- I have to confess this product has been in my stash for some time. I do not know why I have not used it it just been one of those products that I was not in a rush to use. However, over the past two weeks I have used it continuously and I simply love it. It is a rice based powder in formula and is a gentle exfoliant for my skin. At present, my skin is seriously mis-behaving and I continue to experience break outs for no apparent reason. This product has helped clear away all the dead skin cells and I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin with it clearing up. My skin feels hydrated and looks brighter. This product is quite expensive but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is having problematic skin. It costs £41.30 and it is available at

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Daily Beauty Product (Saturday 24 January 2015)

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Pressed Powder- I am very sad that I have finished this powder today it is a firm favourite in my make up bag. This powder is translucent, light weight and left my skin looking pretty good. It was a great powder to compliment my days make up. I will definitely purchase again. It costs £12.00 and is available at your local Boots store or online now 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Daily Beauty Product (Friday 23 January 2015)

L'Oreal Perfection True Match Crayon Concealer (vanilla) - this is new to the drug store! I have been using this for around two weeks on my problem under eye area. The formula is suprisingly creamy and easy to apply without you having to drag it across your eye. The product helps to brighten areas and corrects uneven skintone. I would not use on blemishes or spots as I do feel it would only illuminate problem areas. Definately a product to bear in mind when you need to purchase a concealer.

Available at at £5.99 for more information

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Daily Beauty Products (Thursday 22 January 2015)

Revlon PhotoReady Prime and Anti-Shine Balm - This is a brand new product by Revlon which acts as a base for your makeup. It states that it provides a flawless, airbrushed look and erases poors and imperfections. I do like this product and it is a great base for my makeup but it is early days. The product costs £9.99 and available at or

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Daily Beauty Product (Wednesday 21 January 2015)

Sanctuary Spa Relax Nourishing Shower Creme - I have just finished this amazing product. I tend to use it more in the evening so I can gently unwind from a difficult day. This product is rich with Vitamin E and Sunflower seed oil which leaves my skin smooth and hydrated. It also contains Vetivert which calms your mind and Cedarwood which helps promote clarity. It is definately well work checking out the Sanctuary range as there are many different scents available. I acknowledge at £7.50 it is a tad pricey but definately worth the money. Check out your nearest boots or or for more details. 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Daily beauty products - Monday 19 January 2015

Pantene Pro V 1 minute wander ampules monodose treatment - This is the second ampule I have tried and I love these. You get three in a pack and I use them once a week. I love the fact that you only need to leave the product in for one minute and rinses away easily. It does not leave my hair flyaway, but soft, clean and very hydrated. In addition, I have very tangly hair and after using this it means I am tangle free and have no problems whilst blow drying my hair. I would highly recommend this product and would be definately would buy again. Well done Panetene, you have an amazing product. Available for £4.99 check out for further details.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Daily Beauty Products - Sunday 18 January 2015

Enemies fresh skin dreamy sleep night time moisturiser - I have finally finished this product I initially loved it and liked the fact it advertised it would replenish my skin overnight. However, now we are in Winter this product just simply is not thick or rich enough to help rehydrate my skin during the night and I just don't feel it working at all. Sorry Elemis it's just not enough. This product is available at 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Daily Beauty Products (Saturday 17 January 2015)

B.Renewed Night Cream - this cream deeply nourishes your skin whilst you are asleep. I love the fact this cream is thick in consistency so you really feel the cream feed your skin and leave it feeling hydrated, especially with the weather being so cold at the moment. The product also contains fruit acids which helps to deal with dull skin and niainimide helps to brighten the skin. I love this product and at £11.99 is a reasonable price for a night cream. Available now at your local Superdrug or on

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Daily Beauty Product (Wednesday 14 January 2015)

L'Oreal Paris Million Lashes So Couture Mascara - I have been using this mascara for a couple of weeks and I have to say it is pretty good. I managed to get hold of this during the Christmas period when L'Oreal were doing their Christmas gift box when you spent over a specific amount of money. I was a bit sceptical about the wand, but it gives my lashes lots of volume, leaves no clumps and thickens my lashes. I would definately purchase this mascara again.

Available at or for £10.99

Monday, 12 January 2015

Daily Beauty Product (Monday 12 January 2015)

Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil - one end has a felt tip end which is ideal to fill in any gaps and to add fulness and the other side has a pencil which allows you to "sketch" the perfect shape. I have been using this product for around a month and I do like it, however, I do miss a setting gel and I have to use a seperate product to ensure my brows are set for the day.

The pencil comes in two shades one for brunettes and one for blondes, so the colour availability is limited. Soap and Glory have ensured this product is long lasting and contains vitamin E, Aloe vera and chamomile to protect the skin.

I just wish Soap and Glory you have a pencil end together with a gel on the other end which would be my ideal product.

Available at for £10.00 or

Friday, 9 January 2015

Daily Beauty Products (Sunday 11 January 2015)

January Birchbox- focuses on women's health this month. The box includes:

- Stila Lip Glaze
- Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner
- REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
-HealGel Intensive 
- Activbod Cooling Finish Lotion 
-Embrace Matcha Green Tea 

Check out for subscription details ! 

Daily beauty products (Saturday 10 January 2015)

Maybelline Colour 24 hour Tattoo by eye studio (65 pink gold) - I love these shadows by Maybelline, although some can be hit and miss with coverage. However, this colour provides excellent coverage which you could layer up for a more intense colour. It is cream in formulation and I simply use my finger to apply. The colour is beautiful and subtle and can provide an excellent base for other shadows. I do still apply a primer before putting this on as I do suffer with oily eyelids but if you do not, then there is no need to apply a primer. There is a great colour range and for £4.99 it wont break the bank. Available at and

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Daily beauty products (Friday 9 January 2015)

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic (Love Glow) - this is such a beautifuly subtle blush. The packaging and the product are so luxurious to the extent that it is too good to be used. I love the fact this product gives me a subtle rosy glow without looking overdone. Charlotte advises you on the box that if you swish around the outside of the product, this will add structure to your cheeks and the pop in the middle (which you apply to the apples of the cheeks) makes the glow. You can then blend both of these together to establish a beautiful glow. This product costs £30.00 and is available on

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Daily Beauty Product (Thursday 8 January 2015)

Smashbox Photo Finish 24-hour Shadow Primer - I am the type of person that suffers from seriously oily eyelids. I have tried pretty much every primer on the market that says "crease free" etc etc and they just don't work. I saw this product recommended in Look magazine and did think it was another one of those products that make promises and don't meet my expectation. However, this product is amazing and after a day of wearing eyeshadow - no creases!! The texture of the product is quite thick  and silicon in consistency but when applied to you eyelid goes on transparent. It is quite expensive in price, but it is well worth every penny. Well done Smashbox you have an excellent product. This product costs £18.00 available at or

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Daily Beauty Product (Wednesday 7 January 2015)

The Body Shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream 
I cannot describe just how sore my hands are at the moment, with the cold weather and central heating it is playing havoc with my skin. So, whilst in distress out shopping, my husband was kind enough to pop in to my local Body Shop and picked this hand cream up, I do think it was to shut me up as he was fed up with my moaning. The texture is thick and rich which I love this time of year as I want to feel the cream really working into my hands. I love that it leave my hands feeling smooth, moisturised and feeling fresh. I love the packaging as you can get all of the product out which is a bonus, this is a handbag must! This product costs £5.00 at

Monday, 5 January 2015

Daily Beauty Products (Tuesday 6 January 2015)

La Roche Posay Anti Imperfection Corrector- this product states that it deals with imperfection prone skin, assists with clogged pores, excess sebum and provides complete care with reinforced anti-imperfection to help correct the appearance of imperfections and even skin texture. I have been using this product for around two weeks both morning and night under my usual moisturiser, just a very small amount. I have seen some changes, but it recommends continued use and states 'after 4 weeks pores look unclogged, skin texture looks refined' my skin does looks smoother and healthier. La Roche Posay detail the ingredients clearly which are in the product especially the active ingredient Procerad (patented ceramide to help protect against appearance of red or brown marks). I have seen some of my irritating marks around my chin reduce, but am intriged to see whether it removes them all.

La Roche Posay have stated they have provide efficiency of this product to:
- clinically proven to correct the appearance of blemishes
- unclogs blocked pores
- help to refine skin texture
- controls the appearance of skin.

Most important there are non-comedogenic, no parabens and suitable for both sensitive and acne prone skin.

This product is available at or

This product costs around £15.50

Daily Beauty Product (Monday 5 January 2015)

Sanctuary Foaming Shower Mousse - All I can say is bravo to Sanctuary once again, producing another excellent product. Another great quality of this product is the easy dispenser which means you don't end up with mess in the shower and you can dispense just the right amount of product so no wastage. The shower mousse is moisture boosting, rich in vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5. There is tension-relieving sandalwood and soothing patchouli which gently cleanses your skin. I would highly recommend this product and ok it is £6.00 to a shower cream but it is worth every single penny. For more information go to or
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